Tekn. Dr. Yong Yao


  • Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

2014.06-2018.04. Researcher.

  • Design, develop and evaluate energy-efficient solutions for Mobile Cloud Gaming.
  • Work on EU Celtic-Plus project Consumption OptimizatioN in VIdeo NEtworks (CONVINcE) with total budget 11686.3K€ (http://convince.wp.tem-tsp.eu)

2009.04-2014.06. PhD candidate

  • Working on telecommunication systems with emphasize on system design and development, mathematical analysis, and performance evaluation.


   Received Grants

  • "Performance of Software-Defined Wireless Virtual Reality Gaming on SoftFIRE", accepted by SoftFIRE (https://www.softfire.eu) second open call, April, 2017, 50K€.


  • From Blekinge Business Incubator (BBI) /  Vinnova (Sweden's innovation agency)

2017.02: for conducting verification on business idea.


  • From ALMI Företagspartner (http://www.almi.se), Sweden

2016.11: for conducting novelty search on wireless virtual reality gaming.